A Campaign for Fair Treatment for Bell Prepaid Wireless Customers


So Bell took your remaining balance before the expiry it promised you? Don't just sit there and fume. Shout it from the rooftops so everyone can know what Bell did to you! You will feel better to get it off your chest, and you can possibly save others the frustrations you've suffered. (Note: Bell prepaid wireless customers include those with services under the brands Bell Mobility, Virgin Mobile Canada and Solo Mobile.) If you are not a Bell prepaid wireless customer, please lend us your support by also speaking out about Bell's behaviour.


Share via Twitter with #bgombdotcom

Let us all tell our stories and make it easy for everyone to know how many of us Bell has subjected to this practice. Tweet about your experiences as a Bell prepaid wireless customer whose unused balance the company took before the end of the expiry day they communicated to you. When did Bell first take your funds? How much did they take? Have they done this to you more than once? Did you try to get your money back? What did they tell you? Be sure to use #bgombdotcom in your tweet so all our posts can be seen in one place, and others can find this website (bellgiveourmoneyback.com or, the short version, bgomb.com).

Share via Tumblr with the tag bgombdotcom

A picture is worth a thousand words. Do you have evidence of Bell taking funds out of your prepaid wireless account ahead of the expiry it promised? Post a picture of yourself with a note on the losses you've suffered, not only financial, but the negative impact you endured when your service was cut off. Let Bell understand we are not just account numbers and dollar signs, but real people with real lives. Has Bell's behaviour driven you up a wall or had you pulling out your hair? You can get creative and come up with some funny pictures or illustrations. Be sure to tag your photos with the word bgombdotcom, so we can all find each others' stuff.

Share via Youtube with the tag bgombdotcom

You've seen Celia's introductory video. (If not, it's here.) There's more to come. In fact, let's flood Youtube with videos using the tag bgombdotcom. Use your web cam, camera phone, camcorder, or whatever you have to tell of your experiences with Bell as a prepaid wireless customer. When you post your masterpiece, please include the tag bgombdotcom so your video will not be lost among the 48 hours of other videos uploaded daily at Youtube.

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Okay, so you've got the idea now. Let's speak out against this thing, bring Bell's practices out in the open, expose Bell's behaviour. When you post on Facebook, please include the term bgombdotcom. Facebook posts may not have the punctuation restrictions that the other social media have, but we'll use bgombdotcom there as well, just for the sake of consistency.

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Are you active on Digg? Spread the word so others can find us and join this campaign.

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Ditto for Reddit. You can play a big role by sharing what you saw here.



Hey, this doesn't have to be all serious, heavy stuff. We are working together now, and we are working towards solving this problem. There's no need to just sit there and fume any longer. We can erase that frown and replace it with a smile. And we can have some fun going about this task. But wherever you post, remember two things:

Spread the word: Share your posts and this website address with as many people as possible; ask them to share their own stories and opinions; encourage them to visit bgomb.com; invite them to follow this campaign. The more people we can bring together in this consumer movement, the more difficult it will be for Bell to ignore us.

Act responsibly: Look, it's quite understandable that you would be angry at Bell. You've probably got more than a few choice words and some rather colourful epithets ready to roll off your tongue or to punch into your keyboard. If so, count to ten and take several deep breaths before hitting the "record" button or clicking the "send" link. Remember, you are responsible for what you say.

Alors, on y va!




This grassroots campaign needs your support. There are many ways in which you can help.

You can make a major contribution by leading a petition drive in your community. Be as creative and as active as your time will allow. That could mean something as simple as placing the petition in a high-traffic area of your sports club, or installing yourself one Saturday morning in front of the local supermarket with the petition on a clipboard so you can reach your friends and neighbours.

Additionally, whether it's 10 students in a cafeteria, or 50 seniors at the Legion Hall, each opportunity to come together in person to shed light on this consumer rights issue is important. We would love to hear from you if you would like to host a such a meeting (which we like to refer as a "Petition Party"); we can provide resources to help you organise it. Also, Celia Sankar will be travelling across Ontario and to other provinces to gather signatures for the petition, and to inform consumers of this battle with Bell, and about how consumers can protect themselves in general. There may be an opportunity for Celia to visit your group.

To lead a petition drive, to host a Petition Party, to invite Celia to your Petition Party, or to let us know of what skills you would like to offer to this consumer education and mobilisation campaign, please use the contact form below.


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