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Why this campaign?
Bell presents two different expiry dates to the customer. Which is the valid expiry date?
Bell claims the customer's unused balances as forfeited even before the expiry day is over.
Because of Bell's practices, prepaid wireless customers have lost untold millions of dollars.
Prepaid wireless customers include seniors, youth, minimum-wage workers and the unemployed.
These are vulnerable consumers who can least afford to lose their funds or their mobile service.
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Disappointing CRTC decision
March 05, 2014
By Celia Sankar
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The DiversityCanada Foundation is disappointed in today's decision by Canada's telecom watchdog not to review the section of the Wireless Code which endorses expiry dates on prepaid wireless services.

The full decision by the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) denying an application filed by DiversityCanada last fall may be viewed here.

Today's decision sidestepped a fundamental issue raised by DiversityCanada's application (found here and here).

DiversityCanada had argued that the June 2013 Wireless Code decision was incorrect because it lacked essential elements needed to allow a party to determine grounds for appeal to the Federal Court of Appeal. DiversityCanada had argued that this deviation from proper form was a breach of procedural fairness and an error in law.

Disappointingly, like the Wireless Code decision itself, today's decision also lacks these essential elements and does not show "the path taken" by the CRTC to come to the conclusion that "in the circumstances of the proceeding, the Commission considers that it provided sufficient rationale for its determinations".

DiversityCanada is reviewing all options available with respect to this matter.


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